So…I’m leaving first thing Saturday morning for a long long road trip (not as long as the one to the Maritimes, wtf) to Boston/Cape Cod/Plymouth. Yuppars. I think I’m staying for about a week, so I’ll get back a week Saturday. Eight hour car ride, oh man. Anyone want to recommend a movie I can watch on the way? I can only watch a max. of one though, my brother’s laptop battery probably isn’t going to last any longer than that. I’LL BRING YOU GUYS PRESENTS (if I remember, tell me whatchu want, kay?) ;D

Oh yes, that reminds me, you guys gotta listen to Boston by Augustana if I haven’t fsdlkjflsdkjf’d to you about it already. I LOVE THE PIANO! I played it by ear once on piano but I can’t be bothered to do it again, haha. Much <333 to Steph for showing it to me ages ago :D

One more thing; you guys still remember that watercolour painting I was doing last year of the street in Europe; the one that I never finished? I’m starting to work on that again, hahah, more than a year later. I sat down today and painted for like, what, 3, 4 hours? Problem is, the parts I painted today and the parts I painted way back when look pretty diff…when I’m done I’ll put it up and I’ll see if you can tell ;D. That, and I also LOST my entire tube of black transparent watercolour…sobsobsob. I’m using this not-dark-enough ‘watercolour’ from the dollar store I found instead. I guess that’s working okay; I’m not going to beg my mom to go out and drive like 5, 10 km to Curry’s just to get another tube, lol. I also ended up losing two of my brushes, gahhh. I know you guys want to get me some new ones ;D But other than that, I think my watercolouring has magically improved even though I haven’t touched my watercolours since I stopped painting this last year. It’s a lot more detailed now, plus I’m working lightyears faster. SRS. If you were in my art class last year you’d know how slow I worked XD

P.S. WTF Kiddie Molester–I mean, Michael Jackson’s DEAD? I swear, I felt like he was invincible; he already defied the laws of everything. >_> But, yea, sucks, I guess.

And just for kicks:

    • wangclang
    • June 25th, 2009

    aw man, i’ll miss you for the week, better buy me something good or else I KILL YOU.
    mmkay fag, have fun, dun miss me ;3

    • Cheryl Li
    • June 25th, 2009

    wutchu hovering over eet for :B

    I’ll bring back a bottle of Boston air just for you ;D

    • wangclang
    • June 27th, 2009

    kay since you’re gone for a week, ima post on your blog everday (try to)

    cherfag’s boston trip
    day 1:
    8 hrs ride heh?
    so what movie did you watch?
    i played em ess for a bit today.
    ohoh my pirate is lvl 24 nao.
    dude i went on your acc to help me out with few quests, cuz you know, your priest kills faster. dun mind kay? oh and when i logged in, your friend was like “Hey Cheryl” then i said “Hey, this is cheryl’s friend carol, i’m on her acc to help me out with smt” then she/he didn’t reply so i guess she/he thinks i m a hacker or something. so yah. (:
    can’t wait till you get back. <3

      • Cheryl Li
      • June 27th, 2009

      NO it actually ended up taking almost 10 DDDDDD:
      I didn’t end up watching a movie, it was like, talk, eat, sleep, repeat 50 times. I think we stopped once to go to the washroom. HONESTLY I HATE LONGASS CAR RIDES
      And ahahahah no prob, go ahead ;D

      Mad Fag4 get together when I get back? Maybe like a barbecue at my house or something. :D

        • wangclang
        • June 27th, 2009

        oh yah def!

    • wangclang
    • June 28th, 2009

    cherfag’s boston trip
    day 2:
    so what did you do today?
    I played a little em es before I went to church this morning. Then in the afternoon we had vbs staff meeting. OHEMGEE VBS IS STARTING IN A WEEK, I M SO EXCITED >:D
    Then when I got home, I played 10 min of em ess. I think my addiction’s back.
    Oh btw, your friend jon said hi again x)
    I made avocado milk shake today, yummy :3
    kay miss/love you
    can’t wait till fag 4 bbq.

      • Cheryl Li
      • July 6th, 2009


      Sorry no Boston air, but nothing else either heh. We didn’t really go shopping; we stopped by this one kitchen store thing once and I bought two cookie cutters and a loaf pan, but that’s it. SOLLY


    • wangclang
    • June 29th, 2009

    cherfag’s boston trip
    day 3:
    it rained in toronto today.
    and i played 6 hours of ms (:
    just got off to rest my eyes. LOL
    ohoh and i talked to jon, and added him as my buddy.
    i m lvl 29 nao (:
    can’t wait till 30 to wear awesome clothings
    oh and while i was at sleepy today, this lvl 30 guy helped me with my quest and afterwards he came up to me and gave me all his stuff, cuz he was quittint ms for good. He said he’s a university student and ms is too addicting (i strongly agree).
    my lucky day.
    so he gave whole buncha scrolls and whole buncha ores and all his equips.
    then i went to jon and showed him the scrolls (man jon’s a vampire), then i sold 3 of them for a total of 6 mil to someone (:
    jon’s a funneh gai… but he’s pwetty fail… Lol.
    HAHA i’m filthy rich 6 mil 6 mil 6mil… probably gonna spend it all in like a week x)
    btw the 300k you gave me was almost gone before i met that guy.
    pots pots pots… ):
    btw i went on your acc AGAIN to help me kill jr. necki, those snake things at kerning. and evil eye at ant tunnel.
    miss you lots and we’ve gotta ms together when you get back.

      • Cheryl Li
      • July 6th, 2009


      And lucky bum, I’m always to lazy to sell my stuff. Hahah now you’re the richest lv 29er evar. ;D

      YES FAG4 BBQ?

  1. cherfag’s boston trip
    day 4:
    lol guess what? no ms for me today…lol
    mmm yah, so it was vbs decoration day.
    it was pwetty tiring but rly awesome.
    we got to do so much artistic stuff.
    i shall take a picture of our sanctuary when we are done on thursday (:
    speaking of art, DUUDE, MY ART FORM MAN.
    when do i hand in the money??

    ohoh and i’m going to a fieldtrip to guelph with my parents’ fellowship tmr.
    (: yay fun yay.

    bai 4 nao.

      • Cheryl Li
      • July 6th, 2009

      OH YES LOL ART!! UH WELL you can give it to me anytime; my mom can prolly fill in both forms for us at once. I haven’t handed in my forms for ANYTHING lol, and it’s all starting on Saturday. HEH


    • rorosy
    • July 1st, 2009

    Wow, someone’s bored ^
    Enjoy ur trip :D
    Get me some bottled air too k ;D
    ahaha awesomez :)

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