“Boy’s Generation”

..HAHAHAHAAHAHHAHAHAHSKJLSDKJFLSDKJL I can’t believe I just typed that title.

This is so homo, but you know you want to watch. It’s basically a bunch of guys in rainbow skinny jeans dancing to Gee. LOL at guy who goes, “HA HA. LISTEN BOY…namjasomethingsdfgsdfjlk…HEHEHEHEH” (is that Kang In? Honestly, why does any band need THIRTEEN MEMBERS wut)! I almost fell out of my chair laughing when Jo Kwon (2AM? Something like that la) went, “My angel…and my GRRLS~~~” (How the heck do you type Engrish) I also lol’d when one of them started rapping in the randomest English lyrics ever.

…And OLOLOLOL those purple skinny jeans really suit Nickhun. Oh oh and skip to 2:21 when the guy in yellow does that really homo thing with his leg. XD

Sorry for scarring you all ;DD

P.S. Speaking of Girl’s Generation, yeah, I’m guilty of loving their new song, Genie. So good :D

    • wangclang
    • June 26th, 2009

    have fun in boston, cherfag.

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