Back from Boston (with pictures) Part 1!

I can’t be bothered to check what we did each day, so it’s going to be a series of ginormous picspams with commentary. Woo! I’d make thumbnails or make it into a gallery but you know, I’m lazy, so too bad.

Museum of Fine Arts

The gorgeous lobby area of the museum.




…Hai dere 8D roflroflrofl

I just thought this flower arrangement was really pretty. :D

One of the first rooms I saw. It had a REALLY high ceiling with gorgeous lights (I like how I’m not even looking at the paintings). The right side was being renovated, though, so that’s why the painting to the right of the door is covered.

Some really old, pretty bed.

Uh, some really old, pretty chair. You can see my shadow LOL. *fails*

Lolwut Thomas Jefferson.

…Some really pretty, old piano.


The REALLY REALLY high ceiling of the place inside the museum where we ate lunch at. Those are people hanging on the ceiling, srsly. Not real, obviously >.>

Our table :)

– – –

John F. Kennedy Presidential Library & Museum

The Presidential Seal…thing…?

Crazy inside, I love it.

…Yeah, it’s crazy.

JFK’s boat. Look how cloudy it was :(

The actual exhibits. This hallway is so pretty <3

More exhibits~

I didn’t really take many pictures here, heh. It was kind of boring since I don’t like politics, but I just went around taking pictures of the rooms and things. :)

– – –

Bunker Hill Monument

Well, almost no pictures here. It was just this really tall monument that we climbed. The stairway inside was this really narrow, steep, dark and humid thing. The hike up the monument really wasn’t too fun, and when we got up to the top, the view was kind of crappy. Ok, really crappy.

Like this crappy.

There were also a couple coins on the ledge there, past the glass, and I have no idea how they got there.

– – –

And finally, a random picture of a street in Boston. With an ice cream truck. And I’m really not sure why the sky is so white. It’s not photoshopped, I swear. It’s probably just a really cloudy day or a really bright day. Or something.

Whew, that took a long time. Part 2 coming soon. Don’t know how many parts this is going to take, since this post only covered the first couple days D:

  1. fav parts:
    – Some faggot holding a camera
    – Pwetty flower arrangement
    – Old Piano
    – Awesome crazy structure thingy
    – Krishna slays ass demon 8D

    awesome sauce. (:

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