Random Cake Shoot


The other day I was bored and decided to take pictures of a few slices of cake that we got from someone (who got it from T&T, LOL). I ate the green tea one right after, it was good :D

I put them all in an album on Flickr, but here’s a couple as a preview. You HAVE to view them full size; click the magnifying glass above each photo in Flickr. I did post processing on all of them, mainly just correcting colours and brightening them up. Care to comment/critique? I’m really starting to love photography, and I’d love any pointers.

Click to see :)

By the way, for some really weird reason, images that I saved on Photoshop aren’t the same ones that are uploaded. However, if I save using something else, like Paint, those upload fine. I have NO IDEA why. HELP D:

  1. oh yum :3
    i could eat my computer screen right nao.
    i like the wrappers (:

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