So lately…

I haven’t been posting — sorry, heh. On Monday, I baked this supar yummy banana bread, but I didn’t take any pictures of it since it was getting dark-ish and I was lazy. Ok, maybe I was just lazy >_>. Then Tuesday, I bussed down to have lunch with my grandparents at China Buffet King (Jen’s favourite, I bet) and at one of the buffet areas there was a sign that said ‘Chinese Croccoli’, which made me LOL right then and there. Wednesday was the first day of my badminton class with Jen, and LOL I SUCK AT BADMINTON. The instructor was probably like ‘WTF THIS IS HOPELESS’. And he probably thinks we’re bullying him (he did this pro move, and Jen was like ‘OH SNAP PRO!!!’ behind his back, which made me start laughing, which made him look at Jen weird). OMGOMGOMG and today, Thursday, the best freaking day of the week — Jen came over and we watched the first two movies of the Lord of the Rings. I AM SO SAD I DIDN’T WATCH THEM EARLIER HOLY FUDGE THEY ARE SO GOOD. I don’t usually like fantasy (I don’t like Harry Potter, Artemis Fowl, and especially not Eragon–eww) but OMGOMGOMG I loved LotR. I was all “NOOOOOOOOOOOOO” (just as Frodo was going “NOOOOO” when Gandalf fell into the abyss in the first movie. I was like “YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS” in the second movie when Gandalf was back — HEH LOL TONS O’ SPOILERS, my bad. Then I was like “NOOOOOOOOOOOOO” when Aragorn fell off that cliff (lol that probably sounded hilarious) and “YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS” again when he turned out to be alive, as good as new, well enough to ride a freaking horse all the way to Helm’s Deep. As for Boromir, eh, I only started to like him when he died =/. And who DOESN’T love Legolas? ;DD While everyone else around him (especially Aragorn) had sweaty, greasy hair and bruises and scratches everywhere, Legolas was always there to provide eye candy LOL. That, and because of his shooting-arrows-while-sliding-down-the-stairs thing at the battle at Helm’s Deep. LOLOLOL at Grimli — I feel sorry for the horse that had to carry Grimli (and Legolas, but that’s besides the point). LMAO at the trees (I forgot what they were called) — “We’ve only just said “Good morning!”” And at that random tree at Isengard who was on fire and ran into the water headfirst out of nowhere LOL. Frodo is reeeeeeaaally annoying, all he does is cringe and whimper and trip (HOW MANY TIMES DOES HE TRIP SRSLY), but Sam is awesome so scenes with Frodo in the second movie are more bearable. xD.

Oh man, I think I might start quoting random lines — I CHOOSE A MORTAL LIFE :B

Sorry Arwen. xD


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