Clazziquai’s 4th Studio Album


*takes a deep breath*

Okay, I’m only going to mention my favourites (which really doesn’t narrow it down — that’s still like, 8 songs hehe) but this album is REALLY good. I don’t know how it compares to their first album, but this one has a ton to love :D

  • Chocolate Truffle – Plenty of Alex in this one, Jen ;DD This one sounds a LOT like their songs on their first album (and that album’s my favourite :D). Really relaxing start to the album.

  • At the End of Love – I have no idea how that piano can sound so good — heck, it’s just one note at a time, but it sounds really good at the beginning. And the vocals… AHHHH I love both their voices. But, I have to say, in this song, I like Horan’s voice more (BLASPHEMYSORRYLOL) but that’s probably because she has a bigger part and her part is REALLY well done.

  • Tell Yourself – This has a really weird but unique beginning with a phone ringing and both Alex and Horan making clock sounds (ok, it’s not as weird as that sounds), before a beat comes in. I LOOOVE the catchy synth (?) that first happens after the first verse. The chorus’s lyrics don’t make much sense from what I can hear (hey, this is Clazziquai, you should listen to their lyrics on some of the songs on their first album xD) but it’s still really catchy.
  • Take a Walk – This entire song is really soft and pretty, with the piano and gentle percussion that comes in later. As far as I can tell, only Horan is in this song, and she sounds really amazing like always :D This is probably the most calming and relaxing song on the whole album, and I love it.
  • The Road – Alex has the main part in this song, with Horan providing the wispy, echo-ey vocals. This one has a kind of sad touch to it, but it is more dramatic-sounding than most of the other songs on the album. Not my absolute favourite, but really good nonetheless :D
  • Spinning the World – The song starts out with some really catchy synth, and there’s just something about this song I find insanely…nice-sounding? I don’t know, but the composition of the song is really good. I especially love the chorus, and I’m not entirely sure why…xD
  • Rapunzel – WAAAAAAH LOVELOVE (sorry, obsession moment)!!! GORGEOUS instrumentals + GORGEOUS voices = one AMAZING song. This one’s got a sad, melancholy tone to it, which I love. Suuuuuuuch a good song, srsly. If I had to pick, this one would be my favourite (NONONO DON’T MAKE ME PICK @_@)
  • Affection – SUPAR catchy and full of awesome, with some really good vocals. The background synth is really…mesmerizing? Actually, the whole song feels that way. LISTEN GO LISTEN :D
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