Let’s Go Sailing

I’m pretty sure almost no one’s heard of her — heck, I heard of her because one of her songs was used in Saturday Night Live LOL (love that show) — but she is SO AMAZING. <3 I have to be honest though, I didn’t like her songs much at first, but they definitely grew on me. I love the instrumentals too, and the unique lyrics. Both of these songs are from her album, The Chaos in Order.

  • All I Want From You Is Love – This was the one from SNL, lol, and it was used in Grey’s Anatomy too. AHHH the moment I heard the piano I was going, “I HAVE TO GET THIS SONG”. And then within a day it shot up to 5th most played on my iTunes 8D. I really like her way of singing, too; it’s soft and natural…sort of, wispy? I don’t know, heh. The lyrics are sliiightly creepy, but they make sense:

“Don’t worry
I can’t run that fast
My legs can’t carry
The rest of me that far
Don’t worry
You’ll still be able to place me
To place me
You point your finger right on me
And all I want from you is love…”

  • Sideways – The instrumentals in this song is probably my favourite part. So so so good. Oh oh and I love how she sings the lyrics — the first verse had me going “huh?” a few times and then “oh hah” a few seconds later (I don’t make any sense). Ok, well, you’ll see what I mean. Sort of. The lyrics are really good, too :)

“The sky looks pretty
Normal and so do the trees
I woke up pretty
Early and I could see
That I’ve been walking
I’ve been thinking
I’ve been looking at you

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