So the other day at Longo’s…

I was buying ingredients for A CERTAIN SOMEONE’S birthday cake. After picking up what I needed, I lined up at the cashier…AND THEN I SPOTTED IT. Nestled between the magazines and the gum and whatnot, there were some batteries. Pretty normal…

…BUT THESE BATTERIES WERE PACKAGED WITH A SHAVER. Not one of those electric ones, but one of those plastic ones that don’t use batteries. OH I AM SO MANLY I’M GOING TO SHAVE MY BATTERIES NOW.

What the hell, Duracell?



That is all.

  1. Why don’t you wax your batteries instead? It’s better.

      • Cheryl Li
      • August 26th, 2009

      Good idea, I’m gonna try that next time.

      • Well, how much hair do you have on your batteries anyways? If they have too much hair, just go to the battery spa or something, it’s faster.

        • Cheryl Li
        • August 26th, 2009


        TRICKY TRICKY!!!11one!

      • … smexy?

  2. Oh and btw, thanks for the smexy cake ;D
    ^ and that, is NOT an awkward comment with the word “smexy”.

      • Cheryl Li
      • August 26th, 2009

      No problem ;D
      Next time it won’t be fail frosting. SORRY

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