You know when…

…you haven’t listened to a song you used to love in a LOOOONG time, but then you listen to it again and fall in love with it all over again? (wow that was one helluva disjointed sentence)

Well, yeah, this is going to just be a song dump post; I’m just gonna post a few songs that I’ve “rediscovered”. They’re all Japanese, since back in the day I practically only listened to Japanese music. Oh, and reviews of Epik High’s [e] and Imogen Heap’s Ellipse are prooooobably going to come soon, but I’ve been really exhausted lately. I’d update more, but 1) there’s no time to bake, 2) there’s no really really amazing music being released lately and 3) there’s barely any time for me to blog :(


  • Ami Suzuki – Bitter… : ohhh, wow, I honestly can’t get enough of this song. Before my computer got reformatted a couple years ago, this was top played on iTunes, if I remember correctly. She doesn’t even sing anything until more than a minute into the song, but, really, I dunno, this song is amazing.
  • Namie Amuro – Come: Namieeeeeeeee! She is really talented and super pretty, but she hasn’t released anything lately. This is one of my favourite songs by her; it’s crazy catchy. This used to be really high on my iTunes, and it still is — it’s second most played now, with 346 plays ;D
  • Do As Infinity – Rakuen: LMAO. I’m pretty sure you guys remember me obsessing over Do As Infinity, and more recently, obsessing over the fact that they were coming back after disbanding for a few years! :D Wooh. Well, this is one of my favourites by them, if not my favourite. I love the mood of this song…I can’t really describe it, but it’s so, uh, positive? Uplifting? I dunno, just listennnn :)
  • Eri Nobuchika – Voice: AHHH! This girl is piles and piles of talent. She’s so underrated, though, and she hasn’t been active for awhile, though recently she released this album that was nothing like her first one…she should have stuck to her original genre. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but her second album was downright boring. But this song, Voice, is probably my favourite from her first album — it’s so unique! And she can seriously SING. I miss her old material…here’s hoping she’ll release more like this :D
  • Okuda Miwako – Shizuku: Her music has seriously amazing lyrics, although most of it is pretty depressing. But I dunno, this song always makes me happy listening to it. It’s not a particularly happy tune, but it’s…I don’t really know, amazing in its own way. It’s pretty unique, and I wish she’d make more like this. The piano with the strings is too pretty :)

And completely unrelated to music, I’ve been seriouslyyyy up and down this past few weeks. I don’t know, I just don’t know what to feel sometimes. That, and I’m going to so fail Chem. I wish he didn’t complicate everything and make simple things confusing. Now I have no idea what to study for Monday’s test.

I’m kind of hungry o.o

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