Weston Style Photos

Hm, I haven’t really made a real update in awhile…and this isn’t really all that exciting, but hay, why not :B

So in my photography class, we were asked to take photos of fruits and/or vegetables Edward Weston style, i.e. black and white photos that make the subject look different than they are usually seen. Like, one of his more famous ones is of a bell pepper, and to me it just looks kind of weird (heh. I also find it kind of weird how his photos of fruits/veggies look more like body parts than his photos of actual people >_>). In any case, yea, here are a few of mine.

You probably can’t tell, but I used a miniature pumpkin and some other miniature gourds of some sort, along with some red beans (to make into some red bean paste for mochis later >:D). That spice jar is from the dollar store, btw, ahahah. I think the pumpkins and gourds are actually pretty cute, they’re like the size of my palm. *heart*

It was actually a pretty quick assignment, not hard at all, but I don’t especially like any of mine. I don’t dislike them either, but I’m not OMGWOOT over any of them in particular. To be honest, I don’t think any of them look Weston style other than the one with only the pumpkin in it. Maybe I’ll submit just that one. In any case, making pumpkins look glamorous and epic was really fun 8D.

Davids and Goliath? :D


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