Semester 1 is over…

And my marks are WAY BETTER THAN LAST TERM! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

They’re still not all that great, but I tried hard so I’m happy. My average is 5% higher than it was last term – last term was…crappy, ahh. Got an 89% average now.



I DIDN’T FAIL PHOTOGRAPHY! It’s somehow my highest even though last term it was my lowest LOL. YEEE

But I did terrible on my English exam, haha. I walked out thinking “hey, it was hard but I don’t think I did that bad” — OH YES I DID. Got a 78 on that, ah well.

I did okay on both my Chem and APS exams, they’re pretty much what my final marks are for those courses.


Enriched English – 85

Semester 2…alsdkfjlasdkfjlaskdjf. Probably going to die but what can I do. I’ve got Sauriol for Functions, Szewchuk for Media Studies, Kaye for Marketing, and Berkovich for Design. IMMA DIE IN MATH KTHXBI


OKAY, I AM REALLY GOING TO DIE IN MATH NOW. New schedules were distributed and instead of Sauriol, I NOW HAVE SIDOREVSKI. FML. ARG. And it’s in the morning! >:( I’m late every morning gah

I’m thinking that I’m going to drop Media Studies (I like Ms. S. and I like the course, but there’s no one I really know and I don’t like it THAT much…), and take Computer Arts like how I was originally going to do. Except for some reason they said they weren’t running Comp arts when they were. Too bad it’s Miedema again, but I LOVEEE the course. I hope I can. Anyone know when 11’s can change timetables?

My Marketing class is full of guys. Also, Mr. Kaye is SCARY SHEET LOL. Sitting in his bigass throne swivel chair with a crap ton of cans behind him. Ah well. My Design class I think is going to kick butt – Ms. Berkovich seems really awesome and my there are only 10 people in my class :D I don’t really know anyone but I love tiny classes. :D

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