To those fading friends…


Do you ever wonder?
Why we are slowly drifting,
Or in some cases, long gone?

Do you ever wonder?
Why do we pass each other in the halls
Without even acknowledging
That the other exists?

Do you ever wonder,
What could have happened if we’d gotten the same courses?
Or if we hadn’t changed schools?
Or if you hadn’t moved halfway across the world?
Or if we’d simply stayed in touch?

Do you remember,
Years back,
When we’d talk and laugh and act silly
When we’d complain and gossip and cry
When we’d spend hours laughing at how our math teacher couldn’t say ‘sudoku’
When we’d spend hours ‘slaving away’ on MSN, ‘group studying’
When we’d spend hours just talking under a tree
When we’d panic together over an upcoming test
When we’d visit each others’ houses on an almost-daily basis, back in elementary
When we’d blow dandelion seeds all over the place, at the janitor’s expense

Do you ever wonder,
Why we’re not close anymore?
Maybe I felt the betrayal and you, the guilt
Maybe vice versa.
Maybe it was awkward,
The fact that people never stopped judging you
If you talked to someone out of your clique.
Maybe you’d been labeled with a reputation,
And I’d silently excluded you in my head.
Or the other way around.
Maybe, maybe, maybe.

Do you ever wonder?

Because I do, and it hurts.

  1. We all wonder.
    From best friends we become strangers.
    We all miss those priceless memories, but we can’t seem to break this awkwardness in between.
    And I guess to those fading friends, some will probably never return.
    But at least we can still hold onto those precious memories forever.

    Cheryl, I’m stil here.
    And I won’t ever fade away.

      • Cheryl Li
      • February 9th, 2010

      You spelled ‘still’ wrong <3

      I love you lots.


    • Jennifer
    • February 9th, 2010

    you’re gay.
    ily. <3

    • Steph
    • April 8th, 2010


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