Preview – Design Lamp

After brainstorming, considering and planning almost TWENTY designs,
After a fail lamp that will never see the light of day (I dismantled it, ha),
After an electric shock (LOLOLOL)
After 8 hours of actually building it,


Maybe I should name it “Identity Crisis”. IT’SABIRDIT’SAPLANE no it’s a bag…lamp…???

100% Handmade, except for the lightbulb. Clearly. >_>
I didn’t buy the bag, I made it. SWEAT AND BLOOD D: And just for the record, the bag itself is white with a white insert. I should have done a red bag with a white insert, but by the time I realized that I was pretty much done.
The cost for materials was a grand total of…50 cents. AZN SRRY CAN’T HELP IT LUL
I reused everything else. The bulb and fixtures were dismantled from my brother’s bedside light (LOL MY BAD), the handles were from some other thing…and the rest of sketched, measured, cut, scored, etc by hand.

So sick (OF LOVE SONGS) of x-acto knives and paper and electrical wiring. My hands are raw now, ALL IN THE NAME OF ART <3 yee starving artists

P.S. It's 2 AM and I couldn't be bothered to do anything fancy so this is just to show I'm not dead. I'll take nicer pictures with my DSLR later when it's not in the middle of the night, yanno?

    • Mao
    • April 8th, 2010

    give me one

    goddamn I want a lamp purse.

      • Cheryl Li
      • April 8th, 2010

      Maybe I'll make more during the summer.
      D: I wish it didn't take so long to make though.

  1. Oragami Lamp fail.
    You picked the simplest one out of all the ideas you had, which, I must say, turned our REALLY nice.
    It’s just white right? Yeah, red bag with a white insert would be nicer.
    But I can’t really tell since you added hues to the photos (CHEAP) lol.
    Heard you stayed up until 3 something for this.
    GEE GEE, Cheryl :D
    Can’t wait to see your next design assignment. (don’t kill yourself)

      • Cheryl Li
      • April 8th, 2010

      Spelling fail – lolwut oragami
      Yeah, it’s just white, but actually I still like it a lot cause it looks really clean. Red would have been a lot more dramatic but ah well, too late now :(

      Plus the white lets out more light, which is a plus because the insert blocks some light, so I need as much light as I can get.

      The actual photos weren’t white to start with, they were yellow brown. Yeah. But the actual thing really is just white.

      I’ll show you tomorrow :)

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