Dear Time,


Seems like the only times I talk to you is when I complain.
Sorry about that.
Anyways, I wanted you to know,
That you’ve been going just a little too fast.

Well, maybe that was an understatement.
I can’t possibly catch up with you as it is.
Life is coming at me and refusing to slow
And here I am, struggling to stand.

When I was little, I wished you would pass faster.
I couldn’t wait to see the next morning,
I couldn’t wait to see what every new day had in store for me.
I was excited. All the time.
I couldn’t wait, because I was not afraid.
I was not afraid because there was nothing to fear.
I could always see my two feet firmly planted ahead of me,
I could always see what was straight ahead.
I could always see what each new year would bring,
And nothing was ever bad, because when you are a kid, nothing can be.

But now I am not a kid.

Not the lively, carefree five year old I used to be.
Now I wake up,
Knowing that with each passing day, I have less and less of you.
That soon, you will run out completely,
What do I do?

I can no longer see the path ahead of me,
Because it is no longer predetermined.
No longer can I shamelessly depend,
Because soon I will be on my own.

Isn’t it strange that when you’re a child you just want to grow up,
But when you’re growing up, you just want to be a child again?

You’re like a lottery,
Doling out at random who gets what.
Maybe this leads to “the good life”,
Maybe this leads to a dead end.
The edge of the world,
My feet run out of ground.

I’m afraid.

What you hold for me in my future is uncertain,
And that is why I am afraid.

I am afraid of you, Time.

But you won’t stop.
The hands keep moving,
The pages keep turning.

Confusion that never stops, closing walls and ticking clocks.

– from Clocks by Coldplay

  1. Don’t fly fast.
    Oh, pilot can you help me?
    Can you make this last?
    This plane is all I got
    So keep it steady, now
    Cause every inch you see is bruised.

    ^ I don’t know, this song popped into my head after I read your post.
    In a way, it’s related.
    Hope you can understand lul. x)

    I know what you are saying.
    I want live in my past, I’m lost in my present, and I’m afraid of my future.
    Hating time, and hating the idea how moving forward is the only way to go.
    No looking back, this life is an one way road.
    What do we do?

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