A Note to Myself

Take it easy sometimes,
It’s okay to ask for help.
Things will be perfect when
You learn to accept them.

It’s not a shameful thing
To be able to feel.
Failures and hardships,
They hurt.

Stop undervaluing and
Belittling yourself.
Carry yourself with confidence,
Because He knows you’re perfect.

Learn to love yourself
With all your insecurities and flaws.
He loves you regardless,
So love yourself too.

You were given life,
Don’t waste it in your suffering.
Go out and experience,
You deserve it.

Even when it seems you’re alone in your path,
He’ll still be walking you through.
Even when you’re yelled at, underappreciated,
Wrongly accused, criticized or otherwise,
He’ll know your value and efforts.

He loves you,
So keep your head up,
Smile, love, and live life.


  1. finally, a blogpost.

    I love you like He does. <3

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