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OneRepublic – Waking Up

More music! :D

I actually am starting to really enjoy OneRepublic’s music, despite the overplayed Apologize (I admit, I still like that). I heard their most recent album Waking Up for the first time today, and I love it! Being only familiar with All The Right Moves prior to listening to this album, I wasn’t really sure what to expect but I was liking the album quite a lot. I love how they blend together strings and traditional sounding instruments with catchy hooks. There’s a few songs that I think STAND OUT for being so flipping good, though, like with most albums.

So here’s a short selection of my favourites:

  • All The Right Moves – well, this was kind of a no-brainer for me. I loved it from the first listen for its catchy but unique chorus and the subtle melodies in the background during the verses. Sounds pretty classic OneRepublic to me, and I love it.
  • Made For You – I can’t quite place what I love about this song so much, but I remember the first time I ran through the album, this one really stood out to me. It has a gorgeous piano line, imo. I love piano, hah.
  • Marchin On – begins with a pulsing beat, and I absolutely love the chorus with all its adlibbing. Catchy! :D
  • Secrets – ohh, I love the strings in this one. Leads into a stunning singalongble chorus (lol yeee making up words is fun). Especially love a section in the verses that is sung extremely fast (I’m bad at explaining, but you’ll notice it). Love!

Switchfoot – Hello Hurricane


I’ve had this for quite awhile, but never got around to writing about it. I’ve been a lifelong listener of Switchfoot, pretty much, with Dare You To Move being, hands down, my favourite and earliest Switchfoot song. I didn’t like the album before this, Oh! Gravity very much, since it was louder and, I guess, quirkier than music I tend to like. In any case, I thought Hello Hurricane was a lot more subdued in a good way. Like most times, there were still tracks I didn’t like, but there were a couple of AMAZING tracks. I’ve listened to the album so many times that all the songs have pretty much grown on me, but the amazing tracks still remain:

  • Always – AHHH!! I listen to this one all the time as a pick me up, since the lyrics are so simple yet satisfying [lyrics excerpt below]. I love the gentle melody that perfectly delivers those heartfelt lyrics. Definitely, by far, my favourite off this album. It’s next to Dare You To Move for me in terms of awesome. Aw ye.

“This is the star, this is your heart
This is the day you were born
This is the sun, these are your lungs
This is the day you were born.
And I am always, always, always yours
And I am always, always, always yours.”
– from Always

  • Enough To Let Me Go – begins with some really catchy guitar that I love, and the whole song manages to be soft and subdued yet catchy. Sounds really comforting :)

  • Your Love Is A Song – probably a little more epic sounding compared to the other two, haha. At the same time, it still carries the same soft sound as the rest of the album, with a gorgeous chorus. I especially love the lyrics in the chorus – your love is a symphony, all around me, running through me ~ Good stuff. :)

Snow Patrol – Run

Listened to this way too many times already, but I’m still in love with it. I adore the instrumentals as well as the softly spoken verses. And, of course, the chorus…ridiculously good. I still keep coming back to listen to it randomly.

“I’ll sing it one last time for you
Then we really have to go
You’ve been the only thing that’s right
In all I’ve done
And I can barely look at you
But every single time I do
I know we’ll make it anywhere
Away from here

Light up, light up
As if you have a choice
Even if you cannot hear my voice
I’ll be right beside you dear.”

– excerpt from Run

Stars – The Five Ghosts

Wow. I love you, Stars.

I haven’t blogged about music in awhile (my fault, really, hehhh), but I just had my first listen of Stars’ latest album, The Five Ghosts. It is by no means mainstream, so I don’t know if everyone’d like it, but if you have a similar taste in music you’ll love it. Actually, this isn’t even normally the kind of thing I like in particular, but it still impressed me. Most of the tracks on this album, I’d say, are not at all cheery though. This album is more on the mellow side, with a couple of AMAZING tracks, drool. I actually don’t really like their more popular but upbeat stuff, like Ageless Beauty, so this is perfect for me. Like always, their lyrics are downright amazing. I’ll stop rambling now :)

Some particularly amazing tracks (I’m pretty much picking my favourites, which are always the most mellow):

  • Dead Hearts – I’ve always loved her angelic voice, and coupled with these incredibly well written (but sad) lyrics = instant win for me. You have got to read the lyrics to this as they sing, it’ll break your heart.
  • Wasted Daylight – Verses are mediocre for me, but amazing chorus. Once the song picks up, it never loses its momentum – it’s awesome. I don’t mind, I don’t mind, this wasted, shaded daylight…
  • The Last Song Ever Written – READ THE LYRICS [see below for an excerpt]. Makes me inexplicably sad. Quite the chill sounding song throughout, and I particularly like the part where the girl (Amy) sings her part so quietly it’s hard to make out what she says.
  • “This is the last song that was ever written
    Melody is over and done
    All of the words we sing erase each other
    You only need songs when you’re young.
    There was a strange goodbye outside the station
    There was a letter three weeks later in the mail
    We didn’t know we knew you till we lost you
    You tried to leave us all alone, we wish you had failed

    We’re gonna sing a song without words
    And a tune you haven’t heard in a long time
    Not since the year you were two
    And she sang to you in the wintertime
    And it goes la, la, la, la…”

    – from The Last Song Ever Written

Epik High – Epilogue

Nothing I say will do this justice, so GO AND LISTEN :)

Been listening to this on repeat for awhile now heh

I especially love Run, Coffee, and Forest, but I love all of them. This album’s pretty similar to Lovescream, in my opinion. I loved both :)


Oh yeah, I forgot to post this up but I have another blog for my Media Studies assignments and whatnot. I don’t know why the heck you’d be interested (it’s just a weekly log of stuff) but sure, if you are, it’s at:

Way to be generic 8D

Imogen Heap – Canvas



I don’t know how she does it, seriously. The first time I skimmed over her new album, I was like, eh. Then I listened to it again. With the video, it’s like, O.O WOW. The strings, the piano refrain, her VOICE…so amazing.

Like, so amazing I didn’t feel the need to make a blog post until now. I didn’t update my status on how I was dying at school. Or for Christmas. Or for New Years. Or for ANYTHING. But this is…wow.

(Merry Christmas and Happy New Year btw. Also, school is eating me alive. BUT IT’S K WHEN IMOGEN IS SINGING)

Black and white has never looked so amazing.

You know when…

…you haven’t listened to a song you used to love in a LOOOONG time, but then you listen to it again and fall in love with it all over again? (wow that was one helluva disjointed sentence)

Well, yeah, this is going to just be a song dump post; I’m just gonna post a few songs that I’ve “rediscovered”. They’re all Japanese, since back in the day I practically only listened to Japanese music. Oh, and reviews of Epik High’s [e] and Imogen Heap’s Ellipse are prooooobably going to come soon, but I’ve been really exhausted lately. I’d update more, but 1) there’s no time to bake, 2) there’s no really really amazing music being released lately and 3) there’s barely any time for me to blog :(


  • Ami Suzuki – Bitter… : ohhh, wow, I honestly can’t get enough of this song. Before my computer got reformatted a couple years ago, this was top played on iTunes, if I remember correctly. She doesn’t even sing anything until more than a minute into the song, but, really, I dunno, this song is amazing.
  • Namie Amuro – Come: Namieeeeeeeee! She is really talented and super pretty, but she hasn’t released anything lately. This is one of my favourite songs by her; it’s crazy catchy. This used to be really high on my iTunes, and it still is — it’s second most played now, with 346 plays ;D
  • Do As Infinity – Rakuen: LMAO. I’m pretty sure you guys remember me obsessing over Do As Infinity, and more recently, obsessing over the fact that they were coming back after disbanding for a few years! :D Wooh. Well, this is one of my favourites by them, if not my favourite. I love the mood of this song…I can’t really describe it, but it’s so, uh, positive? Uplifting? I dunno, just listennnn :)
  • Eri Nobuchika – Voice: AHHH! This girl is piles and piles of talent. She’s so underrated, though, and she hasn’t been active for awhile, though recently she released this album that was nothing like her first one…she should have stuck to her original genre. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but her second album was downright boring. But this song, Voice, is probably my favourite from her first album — it’s so unique! And she can seriously SING. I miss her old material…here’s hoping she’ll release more like this :D
  • Okuda Miwako – Shizuku: Her music has seriously amazing lyrics, although most of it is pretty depressing. But I dunno, this song always makes me happy listening to it. It’s not a particularly happy tune, but it’s…I don’t really know, amazing in its own way. It’s pretty unique, and I wish she’d make more like this. The piano with the strings is too pretty :)

And completely unrelated to music, I’ve been seriouslyyyy up and down this past few weeks. I don’t know, I just don’t know what to feel sometimes. That, and I’m going to so fail Chem. I wish he didn’t complicate everything and make simple things confusing. Now I have no idea what to study for Monday’s test.

I’m kind of hungry o.o