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DevART Update

Just some recent stuff I’ve added to my DeviantART – click the thumbnails to see. I don’t know if anyone visits my DA so I’ll post it here as a filler post, LOL.

Will do a  real post sooner or later, haha!


West Coast 2010!


June 23 – July 1: Vancouver [by myself]
July 1 (night) – July 5: Seattle
July 6 – July 8: Victoria
July 9 – July 11: Vancouver



The Space Needle! This is one of their telecommunications towers, and this one was built for Expo…something. LOL. It isn’t nearly as tall as the CN Tower, but it’s still iconic for Seattle.

For once, Seattle has BLUE SKIES with CLOUDS O.O

A typical view of Seattle – with the Space Needle on the left and Mount Rainier on the right. And yea, this is what it’s like most of the time in Seattle if it’s not raining. FML


It’s in Pike Place Market, which is a famous farmer’s market in Seattle. We had some really good clam chowder here as well as some fresh peaches, mm. Below the market, there’s a place called the gum wall, which is, well, exactly what that sounds like. NASTY. I didn’t take any pictures because I was about to throw up (lol) so

Near the Space Needle, we went to a museum called the Experience Music Project. The building was constructed by Frank Gehry (the same architect who did the AGO — Art Gallery of Ontario — in downtown Toronto, as well as the insanity that is the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain, as well as a ton of other crazy things).


And there’s a frigging Monorail that goes through this thing. I went on it. It was fun :)

Inside the museum, things are equally crazy. For example:



Yeah, Seattle’s the birthplace of a lot of famous musicians and bands, such as Jimi Hendrix (they had a special exhibit on him when I was there), Owl City (!!), and a bunch of rock bands that I could care less about. Cough.

Anyways, on one of the days we drove out of the city and went to Mount Rainier, which is the tallest mountain in Washington. It is GORGEOUS. SRS. It’s an unactive volcano with snow on top, which makes for all sorts of awesome.

So pretty.

We drove up really really far. It was pretty damn cold up there, considering I didn’t pack for weather that was 10- degrees Celsius.

We saw some wildlife by the road too, including this ridiculously cute “pika” — that’s what the guide booklet said — and it was FAT and FLUFFY.

[EDIT]: Nevermind, this was probably a marmot. Pikas are tiny and mouselike, but this one was about the size of a beaver.

The haze covering most of the mountain area when we were there. CRY. It only started clearing up when we were leaving. Ah well, still gorgeous.


Before we left to go to Victoria, BC by two ferries, we went to Olympic National Park, which was also full of gorgeous mountains :)

It wasn’t nearly as cold here — I was in a T-shirt the whole time up here.

Looking back onto the car park.

By the way, Olympic National Park is also home to Forks. As in, the one in Twilight. FORREALS. It was quite lols.

How many Twilight places can you see? I lol’d.

This was also on that kiosk model. I swear. I need to go here. LOL.

We saw a lot of deer there, at least 15 just all over the grass. They’re not at all scared of humans, and one even came up to me for a photo! :D!

But yeah…

This place was beautiful.


When we arrived in Victoria by ferry the same day we were at Olympic National Park, it was about sunset. And it was gorgeous.

The Empress Hotel, which is a high class, SRSLY OLD hotel overlooking Victoria Harbour.

Carriage rides in front of British Columbia’s provincial government building.

I’m so touristy. <3


This is the government building by day…

This is the government building by night…


The day after, we went to The Butchart Gardens.

My brother and I were going to ask someone there how it was pronounced. We didn’t.

So we kept calling the place “butt chart gardens” or faux-French “bouchard gardens”. Fun stuff 8D

This place was really pretty, though. I can’t believe someone had the patience to plant and maintain all of this.

This one and the previous one were part of the Hanging Gardens.

These are the Sunken Gardens, which were literally created from an old, abandoned limestone quarry. CRAZY.

It was like, 32+ degrees Celsius when we went. Pretty, but REALLY, REALLY, REALLY SWELTERINGLY HOT.

These flowers are seriously bright. I actually had to desaturate these quite a bit because they were naturally SO BRIGHT. RIDONCULOUS.

There were a lot of flowers.


But my favourite part of the gardens were the Japanese Gardens, which had pretty much no flowers in them.

It was pretty much just green, with touches of brown.

But I loved it; they were unbelievably pretty.

And I don’t even like going to gardens.

I’m not doing justice, but I’m trying. :)

For dinner that night, we went to a place called Earl’s.

They had really good food :D photographed crappily by yours truly, since my family was mad at me for making them wait. 8D

Seafood pasta.

Mystery meat with potatoes, beets, and carrots. MMM

It wasn’t actually mystery meat, I just can’t be bothered to remember what it was.

And because we like to fool ourselves that we’re eating healthy, we’ve got celery sticks on top of that.

You didn’t see the chicken wings behind that.


My brother and my dad had beer. I SWEAR I DIDN’T. The smell of beer makes me cringe.

OOH OOH and the bathroom of this place was GORGEOUS.

You have no idea.

I didn’t take the time to take better pictures cause I didn’t want to risk someone walking in and find me…taking photos of a washroom…

Double sinks, double the pretty :D

Anyways, so after dinner, we went out to Victoria Harbour to take more pictures. It was sunset again :D!

West Coast people are really chillax. Everyone just bikes around or plays music or watches the sunset like me :)

More photos from the Harbour.



But yeah, this place was gorgeous.

After the sun went down completely, we drove over to the other side of Victoria Harbour, and took photos from there.

There were some REALLY nice condos on this side of the Harbour. JEALOUS

On the last day we stayed in Victoria, we went to the Royal BC Museum, which I have no pictures of because it’s kind of boring (lol) but the Provincial Government building was really nice. So since you’ve seen the outside, here’s a bit of the inside :)



When we got to Vancouver, we had to check in right away.

OUR HOTEL WAS PRETTY :) It was the Empire Landmark Hotel, and we only went cause the price was reduced A LOT when we went.

Before we went for dinner, we went to visit Lions Gate Bridge, which connects North Vancouver with what I assume is South Vancouver. OR SOMETHING. LOL


Nature around the bridge.



“Le Rage”

We went for a bike ride all around Stanley Park the day before we left, too. I don’t have pictures of that, but it was more of Lions Gate Bridge and the beaches and shores underneath. Really nice there :)

LOOK I WAS AT THE OLYMPIC TORCH. This is kind of out of order, cause this was during Canada Day. BUT IT WAS EPIC

We were at Cypress Mountain too, where they held skiing and snowboarding events.

VANCOUVER AT NIGHT :) I think this is Robson Street on the left. Or right. >_>

These are from our hotel room’s balcony :)

We also went to Whistler, which was about 2 hrs away from Vancouver.


Rapids at Whistler. The water is that colour cause it rushes past and picks up silt. NERD


This was some RANDOM CRAZY PIANO we saw when we drove up to Richmond. It was in Aberdeen Mall (Centre?)…and Richmond is mad Asian. More Asians than Toronto and possibly Markham. O_O


The morning of our plane back to Toronto, we were at a bar watching the Fifa World Cup Final. WIN. YEE.

Plane home…

Bye, Vancouver, Victoria and Seattle!

DeviantART :O

Shameless plug post!

So I’ve made this account for DevART like, what, two years ago, but I just got back recently to upload new stuff. I’ve realized I haven’t really made a lot in years, but eh, I’ll try and keep it better updated. Two new photos added today:


Sorry for not posting anything worthwhile in awhile, but yeah, since I JUST FINISHED EXAMS I’m going to be posting more for this next week-ish. :D

Weston Style Photos

Hm, I haven’t really made a real update in awhile…and this isn’t really all that exciting, but hay, why not :B

So in my photography class, we were asked to take photos of fruits and/or vegetables Edward Weston style, i.e. black and white photos that make the subject look different than they are usually seen. Like, one of his more famous ones is of a bell pepper, and to me it just looks kind of weird (heh. I also find it kind of weird how his photos of fruits/veggies look more like body parts than his photos of actual people >_>). In any case, yea, here are a few of mine.

You probably can’t tell, but I used a miniature pumpkin and some other miniature gourds of some sort, along with some red beans (to make into some red bean paste for mochis later >:D). That spice jar is from the dollar store, btw, ahahah. I think the pumpkins and gourds are actually pretty cute, they’re like the size of my palm. *heart*

It was actually a pretty quick assignment, not hard at all, but I don’t especially like any of mine. I don’t dislike them either, but I’m not OMGWOOT over any of them in particular. To be honest, I don’t think any of them look Weston style other than the one with only the pumpkin in it. Maybe I’ll submit just that one. In any case, making pumpkins look glamorous and epic was really fun 8D.

Davids and Goliath? :D


Random Cake Shoot


The other day I was bored and decided to take pictures of a few slices of cake that we got from someone (who got it from T&T, LOL). I ate the green tea one right after, it was good :D

I put them all in an album on Flickr, but here’s a couple as a preview. You HAVE to view them full size; click the magnifying glass above each photo in Flickr. I did post processing on all of them, mainly just correcting colours and brightening them up. Care to comment/critique? I’m really starting to love photography, and I’d love any pointers.

Click to see :)

By the way, for some really weird reason, images that I saved on Photoshop aren’t the same ones that are uploaded. However, if I save using something else, like Paint, those upload fine. I have NO IDEA why. HELP D: