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A Night for Snoezelen Poster

Uh, yeah. Thought I’d post this up for something new and more interesting for once. It’s nothing fancy, but eh. This was for my Marketing class since Mr. Kaye is making us do the publicity for the Gr12’s Business Management class. He told us about this TODAY due for TOMORROW, like he does for everything else. FML. If you’re asking, “what the crap is snoezelen”, read the blurb at the bottom of the poster :)

This was my second attempt at a poster, and as Carl knows, I failed miserably on my first one. CRYY. But then I was like. Oh. Cafe, food, music…K COFFEE IT IS. So then this happened. Yeah. I might put this on DeviantART later when I’m not so out of time.

FML, time to go work on my template for the class’ set of posters. WHY ME WHY ME. Sorry Sidorevski, math will have to come after.


DeviantART :O

Shameless plug post!

So I’ve made this account for DevART like, what, two years ago, but I just got back recently to upload new stuff. I’ve realized I haven’t really made a lot in years, but eh, I’ll try and keep it better updated. Two new photos added today:


Sorry for not posting anything worthwhile in awhile, but yeah, since I JUST FINISHED EXAMS I’m going to be posting more for this next week-ish. :D

Sharpening with the High Pass Filter

I have no idea if anyone is going to find this helpful, but I love using it so why not :)

To me, images that are on the verge of being oversharpened look really gorgeous in most cases. I use it for almost all of my photos/graphics, since I think it gives it a really nice effect. Plus it’s even quicker than using Photoshop’s sharpen tool, heh. I’ve got Photoshop CS3 (Extended), so that’s what I’ll be using for this. I’m pretty sure this works with most versions of Photoshop; I used to have Photoshop 7 and it worked fine there.

Step 1:

Open up your image in Photoshop. I’m using this gorgeous photo from DeviantART.

Step 2:

Right click the layer your image is on in your layers palette, then select duplicate:

Step 3:

From the Filter menu at the top, select ‘Other’, then ‘High Pass’.

Step 4:

Set the radius to anything you think is appropriate. I set mine to 0.9 pixels.

Step 5:

Now, on your layers palette, click the drop down menu and choose either overlay, soft light, hard light, vivid light or linear light. Soft light is the most gentle with the sharpening; linear and vivid light are the harshest. I usually use overlay, since it often gives me the best results.


Try it out :)