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EPIK HIGH’S HUGEEEEASS ALBUM [e] IS GOING TO BE OUT IN TWO DAYS!!! September 16! And it’s not some ordinary album, oh no (heck, ordinary and Epik High do NOT belong in the same sentence, ever). This album is THIRTY tracks long. THIRTY. THIIIIRRTTTTYYYYYY.

I’m going to be listening to this album for months on end. <3

Preview! Tablo's flipping through the album book in the video, btw. The mashup sounds kind of disjointed but there are a lot of tracks I heard that I know I'll love already. :D

Excuse me while I squee. Eheh.



               Well…I thought I’d go ahead and try something new – blogging. I’ve always loved reading other people’s blogs but I never got around to making my own until now. 

Expect new posts in a couple weeks, after exams! : )

(I should reeaaally be doing my homework right now…)