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Final Fantasy Songs <3

Don’t hurt me for being nerdy, these songs are actually AMAZING. Honestly, even if you haven’t or don’t want to play the games, you HAVE GOT to listen to the music. It would sure mean a lot more if you’ve played them, but eh, they’re amazing nevertheless :D

To Zanarkand (from Final Fantasy X, 2001)

I used to play this on piano a few years back, but haven’t practiced it for a long time. REALLY GOOD. It’s my brother’s ringtone, lol, which happens to be ringing right now 8D

Besaid Island (from Final Fantasy X, 2001)

This one’s the background music for, well, Besaid Island. I don’t know, I just really love this one.

Besaid Island (piano; from Final Fantasy X, 2001)

This is the piano version, with a different feel to it. I LOVE THIS ONE. I tried playing this on piano but it’s waaayyy too hard for my crappy piano skills (or lack thereof). So good.

Fisherman’s Horizon (from Final Fantasy VIII, 1999)

This one’s a bit older, so the style’s kind of different. In any case, I LOOOVE this one to death. It’s probably my favourite one from that game. The piano version is insanely hard for me but hey, I tried xD. So relaxing.

AND YUP those are my favourites. :D Ask if you want the mp3 of any of them.

Ok I’ll stop being a nerd. <3